Bathroom Tiling SYDNEY

Bathroom Tiling Sydney

Professional Bathroom Tiling Services in Sydney

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Profesional Bathroom tiling services in Sydney by Alloul tiling, familiar to everyone in Sydney as we specialize in it. Our Profesional bathroom tilers have many years of experience and completed uncountable projects in Sydney leaving all our clients satisfied. Are, you thinking about bathroom tiling then let us say you are not alone. Bathroom tiling is a great idea and the best way to update your house & make it looks more attractive and eye-catching.

There are many reasons why tiles are best for bathrooms. Right tiling done by Profesional can control and limit the spread of water. Tiles are just one of the parts of tiling planes and the other is bond or adhesive and grouts. This actually connects the tile to the wall or floors and grouts. Right tiles that professional installs can control and limit the spread of water.

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Steps to do Bathroom Tiling

If tiling a bathroom finishes in the correct steps then it is very easy to do bathroom tiling. Whether tiling a new bathroom or renovating a bathroom it’s better to hire a professional.


Bathroom Tiling Sydney

Things you should remember while tiling your bathroom.

Measure Floor

Measure the Floor to decide the number of tiles, grout, mortar, and backing board require. This helps you later on so that a tile mismatch does not take place.

Prepare Underlayment

The underlayment of the cement board to sub-flooring makes it strong and smooth. Where you can attach the tiles very easily.

Determine Tile Layout

Lay the tiles, make sure the tiles are set properly. You can use the tile spacers to confirm tiles are square and evenly spaced. Once the perfect layout has been done, measure and mark the tiles need to penetrate to complete coverage.

Cut Tile

Cut the unwanted tiles with a tile cutter to complete the floor tiling.

Place Cut Tiles

Place cut tiles to complete the layout done and check them all are set properly satisfying your needs.

Apply Thinset Mortar

Now use Thinset Mortar to install tile over cement, anti-fracture/waterproofing membranes, or cement/fiberboard.

Allow Mortar to Dry

It takes at least 24 hours to dry so after. So after laying the tiles allow mortar to dry up.

Apply Grout

After mortar gets dry up apply the grout to fill spaces between tiles.

Wipe Away Excess Grout

Once the grout has been applied wipe away excess grout, leaving tiles clean and grout smooth and level. It will be ready to walk within 24 hours or may take a few weeks to fully cure.

Apply Grout Sealer
Apply grout Sealer once the grout gets dry to protect grout.