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Waterproofing Services in Sydney

Waterproofing Services in Sydney for commercial and residential waterproofing in Sydney, we are waterproofing specialists & contractors in Sydney, Hurstville.

AllOul Tiling, Provides Waterproofing Services in Sydney for over 17 years and the success rate in this industry residential and commercial speaks for its self. Our company has an excellent track record, build in over the years from the happy and satisfied clients we have.

As an expert in waterproofing Services in Sydney. Alloul tiling is specializing in kitchen-waterproofing, terrace-waterproofing, sidewall-waterproofing, rising-dampness, and basement-waterproofing, etc. All our workers are well trained qualified in waterproofing services. Also, all our employees have a license, and police checked.

If it is about our reputation and commitment, Yes, we complete all our projects at the highest standards, within the budget and on time. For reviews from our happy clients please check our Google reviews. Also If you have any quarries please contact us on 0402-432-047

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Professional waterproofing Services for Commercial & Residential Property


Waterproofing Services in Sydney


What is Waterproofing?

Let’s say that Waterproofing is important but before going through this let’s understand what is actually Waterproofing is. Waterproofing is the process of making any object waterproof so that it remains unaffected by water under any specified conditions.

Areas that needed waterproofing.

The basement of the building: This is the place which actually is in contact with earth surface

Kitchen, Toilet, and Bathroom: These areas are in use of contently using water for bathing and utility purpose

Balcony areas: These areas are in use sometimes for washing or drying clothes and also water enters during monsoon season.

Roof /Terrace/Podium: These areas are always oped and Monsoon water always affect them

Swimming Pool: As everyone knows its always filled with water and there is a chance of leakage also.

Water Tank: It’s always filled with water for daily use but if it gets leak it can damage the terrace and water can get seep into the rooms.

Waterproofing services in Sydney
Waterproofing Methods in Sydney.

Cementitious Waterproofing: This is in use mainly in wet areas like bathrooms and toilets and far from exposure to sunlight. It is a highly flexible polymer-modified cement membrane.

Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing: This is and the oldest idea of waterproofing. This involves inlaying of bricks or brickbats on the flat concrete surface and then grouting it with a waterproofing compound.

Bituminous Waterproofing: is generally called coal- tar. This design is to protect residential and commercial surface areas. It is a mixture of organic liquids, viscous, and waterproof.

Injection Grouting: The use of this is to repairing cracks and strengthening the damaged concrete. The use of this is mainly in concrete, bricks, and other structures, such as the basement, tunnels, etc.

Membrane Type Waterproofing: Mainly these are two types of method Self-adhesive membrane and Torch seal. Torch seal is a very commonly used method for waterproofing. Also, it is durable and cost cost-effective method compared to Self – adhesive

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Method: This waterproofing system is quite expensive. It is mainly used in terrace and roof areas exposed to the open weather. This is a type of liquids waterproofing coatings based on Polyurethane resins.

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) It is a synthetic rubber used globally in cold and hot weather.

Waterproofing services in Sydney
What are Waterproofing Products?

Waterproofing Products protect the surface from getting damaged from water. There are few brands for waterproofing such as Fosroc, Dr. Fixit, CICO, Redwop, etc.

If you have any quarries about waterproofing regarding your residential or commercial property please feel free to ask as. We are always ready to have a discussion regarding your waterproofing problems. So that you get a fresh idea from the professionals and then decide to hire the best waterproofing profession in Sydney. I promise you won’t get any other best and professional waterproofing company in Sydney better than us. Call us here 0402-432-047 or just drop your question here and we will reply to you ASAP.